1st Year Overall F, 1st Year Comprehensive Identified, Campus with 1882 Partnership Identified Overall F or Comprehensive

August & September 2019

Attend required 2 day training

August 30th

DCSI attestation statement due in ISAM


Complete ESF Self-Assessment and use it to create TIP

September 20th

Last day to submit campus survey coordinator’s name to ESC contact

September 27th

Submit initial TIP into ISAM

October 1st

Campus Survey Coordinator Training

October & November

ESF Facilitators begin reaching out to campuses to assign pre-work and schedule visit.

  • Calls happen 2 months before campus visit
  • Campus will have 4 weeks to complete and return pre-work
  • Facilitators will conduct a pre-visit phone call

TEA calls DSCI for initial TIP feedback

October 14th

ESF survey window opens

November 22nd

TIP progress 1 submission due in ISAM

November 30th

ESF Survey window closes

January 2020

Survey results shared

ESF Diagnostic visit window opens

  • Facilitator conducts campus visit
  • Facilitator will meet for post-visit within 1 week after initial campus visit
  • Facilitator will submit final report within 2 weeks of initial campus visit

Februrary 28th

TIP progress 2 submission Due


ESF diagnostic visit window closes

June 5th

TIP progress 3 submission Due