ESF Diagnostic Survey

Comprehensive survey tools aligned with the ESF, allowing leaders to use the voices of their students, families, and staff in their strategic planning.

Use Data to Improve Teaching and Learning

CES and Panorama will support Texas’ Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools in understanding and monitoring the needs of their stakeholders to build a more positive school climate, support teacher growth, and promote student achievement.

Identify experience gaps

View survey data by student subgroup, including race, gender, and grade level.

Compare data to national norms

Benchmark your results against Panorama’s national dataset of thousands of schools.

Obtain ongoing, diagnostic data

Collect data over time to monitor your school’s progress against its goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the surveys measure?

Panorama’s surveys measure key topics such as school climate, safety, and engagement. Survey topics have been specifically chosen to align with the ESF, ensuring schools collect data that will best support continuous improvement.

How do I know I can trust the data?

Panorama’s student, family, and staff surveys were developed by researchers at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Each survey follows survey design best practices and is continually tested for validity and reliability.

Who can participate in this initiative?

Schools designated as needing comprehensive support and improvement will be required to participate, free of charge. All other schools can choose to participate in the initiative, receiving the same tools and support, for a fee.

Preparing for the ESF Diagnostic Survey

This webinar originally aired on October 2, 2019. The purpose of this Panorama webinar is to provide campus survey coordinators with an overview of the diagnostic survey purpose and logistics for the Fall implementation.