ESF Diagnostic Survey

Comprehensive survey tools aligned with the ESF, allowing leaders to use the voices of their students, families, and staff in their strategic planning.

ESF Diagnostic Survey: Purpose and Goals

The ESF Diagnostic Survey will serve as a critical component of the overarching ESF Diagnostic Process. The survey will:

Include the critical perspective of key stakeholders (staff, students, families) in the ESF Diagnostic process.

Provide clear and valid data from stakeholder perspectives to support campus reflection on their current practice relative to the 6 Essential Actions.

Make the diagnostic process even more effective by using survey data to signal areas for deeper exploration and analysis.

History of the ESF Diagnostic Survey

The Effective Schools Framework, first developed by TEA in 2018 and continuously revised since then, is a tool to help all schools improve the quality of education they provide to Texas students. The framework is designed to help school leaders deeply analyze their current approaches and develop action plans to get better. It relies on a specific diagnostic process, where information is gathered on a variety of policies, procedures, and practices happening at each participating school, by looking at documentation, assessments, focus group discussions, on campus observations, and surveys.

TEA provides a grant to Education Service Center Region 13 to help support the ESF as part of the Center for Effective Schools (CES). For one aspect of the ESF diagnostic, Region 13 conducted a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process in 2019, and selected Panorama Education to administer the questions developed by CES for surveys tied to the ESF.

While Panorama offers a variety of educational services, Texas’s use of Panorama is limited to administering the ESF survey, with survey questions developed specifically by CES which are different than questions found in Panorama’s other product offerings. The specific question language for the ESF surveys can be found above.

Preparing for the ESF Diagnostic Survey

The purpose of this Panorama webinar is to provide campus survey coordinators with an overview of the diagnostic survey purpose and logistics for the Fall implementation. 

If you have any questions as you watch the webinar recording please contact the CES team

Tools and Resources

These tools are for campuses engaging in the Spring Diagnostic. Campus Coordinators can use these documents to help implement the survey on their campus. 

Example Surveys

Campus Coordinators can view these example surveys to preview the themes and questions your stakeholders will engage with as they complete the survey. Please note that these are the survey questions, but you will use a separate link to deploy the questions to your stakeholders.

Privacy Statement

The Texas Education Agency believes that student and family data must be strongly protected. The Texas Education Agency complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the Pupil Privacy Protection Amendment (PPRA).