School Improvement Weekly Newsletter

January 17, 2020

Announcements and Updates

General Communication

New: Statewide Partners Institute, July 15th– July 17th, 2020

Please note the conference will start the morning of July 15th, and run through the afternoon of the 17th.

Please plan to have at least 3 members of your School Improvement Team attend SPI this summer.

Making Reservations: A dedicated website is now available for your attendees to book their hotel rooms online or make reservations by contacting Marriott’s Reservations toll free number 844-473-3959.

  • Reservations are for the nights of July 14, July 15, and July 16.
  • Room rate is at $140.00/night plus applicable taxes
  • Cut-off date: June 23, 2020
  • Currently the bill is for Individual to pay. We can adjust once confirmed if room charges are to be placed on the master.
  • Individuals must use a credit/debit card to secure the room when creating a reservation.

Reminder: Upcoming SI Lead In Person Meetings- Attendance

Our upcoming SI Lead In Person Meetings are scheduled for:

  • January 22nd – at Region 13 in McKinney Falls
  • May 5th and 6th – at Region 13 in State Capitol

Please plan on 1-3 members of your SI team attend these meetings.

January In-person Meeting Hotel Info:

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Central (5901 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin TX 78723)
  • Group Code: R13
  • A room block has been reserved on our Master Bill at the Embassy Suites for the night of January 21st. There is no need to send in hotel reimbursements. *You must use a credit card to hold/reserve the room, but the card will not be charged.
  • Registration on eCampus: SI Lead Face to Face (SP2042902) – Note: This code has been updated!
  • Food will be reimbursed for this meeting. Please save receipts for reimbursement.

SI Processes and Plan Development

New: Turnaround Plan Next Steps

All DCSIs were emailed on Friday reminding them of important next steps in the development of their campus Turnaround plans. Important next steps include:

  • Posting the Turnaround Plan to their District website for stakeholder comments 30 days prior to Board approval
  • Ensuring the Turnaround Plan is Board approved by the March 2nd submission
  • Submitting the Turnaround plan, Board Resolution, and stakeholder comments to ISAM on March 2nd

Reminder: Current Submission Reviews

Specialists are conduction Progress #1 Submissions via calls and e-mails. The call window for Progress #1 Submission is 11/25-1/31 *This timeline has been extended*


ESF Diagnostic and Facilitator Support

New: Updating Spring Diagnostic Dates and Facilitators

Action Item Due by 1/31

Please update this Google Document by January 31st with the correct spring diagnostic date (column H) and facilitator (column K). If the date is accurate as is please mark- ACCURATE in column H. If the facilitator has been updated, please highlight the facilitator’s name in column K.

Reminder: ESF Diagnostic Survey Updates

  • Access to tools for survey results analysis: All SI Leads, ESFFs, and district stakeholders should have access to their survey results. While districts and SI leads have been receiving contact from Panorama throughout, if ESFFs have not received an access email, we encourage them to check their spam first. If the access email has not landed in spam, please have them reach out to our panorama support team: and Melissa Yoder.
  • Missing survey results access for a campus? ESFF access to additional campuses: We recognize that changes in ESFF assignment will happen during the Spring Diagnostic Window. If an ESFF does not have access to a school that they will facilitate, the ESFF should email our panorama support team: and Melissa Yoder. Please also make sure those updates are recorded in ISAM as well.
  • Additional District/Campus staff access to survey results: Panorama will be sending out a google inquiry form on 1/21/20 to all campuses/districts for them to request any additional staff access to the survey results. This is just an FYI in case you receive questions about adding additional staff access.
  • General District/Campus Support: in the training webinar, we have directed campuses to seek support from both our Panorama support team and Melissa Yoder. If you receive survey specific questions and requests, do not hesitate to redirect them to email both of these addresses
  • Early Diagnostic Campus Visits: Campuses with early diagnostics, prior to February 1st, will not likely be able to submit their pre-work to include their survey reflection. Please direct them to prioritize time between January 6th and January 10th to complete their reflections and submit upon completion, prior to the campus visit if possible.


Updated Information: ESF Diagnostic Updates Training and Web Course

All ESF Facilitators are required to attend an ESF Diagnostic Updates training via a face-to-face training at their ESC or the web course designed and distributed by CES. All ESF Facilitators who are conducting a Spring 2020 Diagnostic should have completed the training update by January 15th; however, the course will remain open throughout the month of January. There are currently still 40 ESF Facilitators who have not completed the course.

We are asking that all ESF Facilitators, even those who are not completing a spring diagnostic, complete the updates training. Keith Thompson at CES is tracking the training for all certified ESF Facilitators.

To access the web course log into eCampus and search the course catalog for ESF Updates – Spring 2020 (FA1942890). The web course will remain open for certification purposes through January 15th.

Facilitators who used the web course indicated that they would like for the course videos and materials to remain accessible, so that they could refer back to them as a guide throughout the diagnostic process. Therefore, the web course will remain live for facilitator reference on an ongoing basis.

Reminder: Review and uploading of ESF Diagnostic Final Reports

As a reminder, all Final Reports should be reviewed by the SI Lead prior to final submission to the DCSI/P and uploading to ISAM.

SI Leads can use the Final Report Look-Fors tool to guide their review. In addition, the SI Lead or assigned ESC designee should upload all ESF Diagnostic Final Reports to ISAM by their designated due date.

Reminder: Revised ISAM role for ESF Facilitators

A new ISAM role has been created for ESF Facilitators who support campuses that lie outside of their region. This role will allow access to the new campus while maintaining current viewing access to campuses/districts within the region.

Email the ISAM Support Team at for instructions on changing your ISAM role from ‘ESC User’ to ‘External Support Provider’.

Note: This role is restricted to ESC staff who are approved ESF Facilitators. Instructions will be sent after approval verification with CES.


Reminder: Planning for ESF Diagnostic Campus Visits and Post-Visit Conversations

As you begin planning your spring diagnostic calendar with your assigned campuses, be sure to schedule a post-visit conversation date when the campus visit date is established. This will ensure that three important things happen:
1) You follow-up within a week of the campus visit
2) Compelling details of the visit are still fresh in the minds of all stakeholders.
3) The final report is submitted within two weeks of the campus visit.


Reminder: Comprehensive Funding Report

The agency is currently revising the comprehensive funding report. The finalized report will be shared during the February TETN and a webinar will be provided for DCSIs.


Reminder: School Improvement Grant: Campus Allocation Document

An email was sent on January 8th to SI Leads for any ESC that had campuses that still have not submitted the campus allocation document.

Please make contact with the campuses and have them submit the document to

School Improvement specialists will reach out to DCSIs, who have not submitted the Campus Allocation Document, during the Progress #1 submission window. Please be aware that districts might need assistance completing this document.


Reminder: Deloitte Courageous Principals

Please submit an interest form for the April or June Courageous Principals training program.

Courageous Principals 1.0 and 2.0 are still available for both sessions.

Comprehensive, Targeted and Additional Targeted Support campus personnel can attend the training program with no participant fee.


Next Steps/Action Items

Schedule TOT for Diagnostic Process Updates

Final materials available November 18th EOD

Deadline: Before January 15th

Update Google Doc with current spring diagnostic dates and facilitators

Update Google Doc

Deadline: By January 31st


Contact districts that have not submitted the campus allocation document

Support districts needing to complete the Campus Allocation document for the School Improvement Grant

Deadline: Before January 31st


Upcoming Events

  • 12/2/19-1/31/20: TIP Progress Submission 1 Call or Email
  • 1/22/20: SI lead in person meeting
  • 2/28/2020:TIP Progress Submission 2 due in ISAM

Communication Flow

Texas Education Agency (TEA)

  • ESF Self-Assessment and Diagnostic
  • ESF Facilitator support
  • ESF Diagnostic Survey
  • Vetted Improvement Programs and Aligned Improvement Programs

Center for Effective Schools (CES)

  • External ESF Facilitators (deployment, support, funding)
  • ESF Diagnostic Surveys for Opt-ins
  • ESF Website
  • ESF Facilitator Surveys for DCSIs/Principals

SI Specialists

  • Plan technical support
  • School Improvement Grant funds
  • SI Process questions


  • ESC ESF Facilitator deployment

  • Turnaround Plan template update for current 2nd year F campuses

  • TETN and SI Training

TEA, Grants

  • ESC Grants

  • School Improvement Grant


  • ISAM technical assistance