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CES monthly is a virtual conference series. Each month we will release pre-recorded sessions that you can stream anytime throughout the month. Additionally, live Q & A oportunities are provided throughout the month for the chance to connect with our speakers.

April Series: Assess & Build

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Live Q&A: April 27th, 8:30 am

Adapt & Elevate

The entire world was forced to stop due to Covid-19 as it wreaked havoc across multiple countries. It dismantled many institutions and most importantly forced educators into emergency online learning. In spite of all of the damage that has taken place, we have been presented with a prime opportunity to reimagine education from a new perspective! In this keynote, Michael Bonner will highlight 3 strategies educators can implement today that will increase efficiency within their respective spaces.

Michael Bonner

Seen on The Ellen Show and NBC Nightly News, educator, speaker, and author Michael Bonner is an energizing voice in education. Michael has presented to more than 200 education conferences, school district meetings and leadership development audiences across the U.S. & Canada to share his “lessons learned” from teaching in a Title I school with children that experience high levels of trauma and adverse situations. Mr. Bonner’s candid, enthusiastic seminars challenge listeners to create diverse, inclusive education plans “where students can see themselves within the lessons and assessments” as a means to increase student success rates. He empowers his audiences to build genuine relationships with their students because “you can’t demand a withdrawal from someone you have never invested in.” Administrators and educators alike leave Mr. Bonner’s presence ready to make an impact that affects eternity. He is consistently seen as a visionary leader who strives to create a positive mindset among all of his students. His students come to class each day with diverse backgrounds, strengths, needs, and challenges. Therefore, he identifies strategies to ensure their growth socially, emotionally, academically, and psychologically. Due to his educational approach, students leave more hopeful, challenged, inspired, and forever a part of Bonnerville. Today, Mr. Bonner lives in Atlanta, Ga. where he is thrilled to teach fourth and sixth grade English teacher at the famed Ron Clark Academy. 

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Lead the Way! Lever 1 Strong School Leadership and Planning

Diving deep into the key practices and exploring exemplars of evidence, leaders can examine their current leadership practices with success criteria and determine a path to develop all campus leaders with clear roles and responsibilities and core leadership tasks.

Tori Mitchell

Tori and the Region 17 School Improvement Team serve campuses and leaders through ESF support, TIL training and coaching, and improvement planning and implementation.

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Communicate, Collaborate, and Coordinate to Amplify Success

How can school leaders ensure alignment among the various resources and people working to support teachers to amplify teacher success and student learning? This question will guide us to consider how we are communicating priorities, collaborating to name and identify needs, and coordinate efforts to drive student-centered results. WE will work through an example of a Campus Action Plan that begins by aligning priorities for teacher professional development with explicit and measurable impacts on students. In aiming for these targets, we will name how all levels of the system will engage in meeting these goals, including identifying the knowledge and skills they may need to develop capacity in others. 

Aime Ballans

Aimee Ballans served as a District administrator supporting teachers and school leaders to improve instructional practices before beginning her work with New Teacher Center as a Program Consultant focused on aligning systems to amplify support for teachers and impact on the success of vulnerable student populations. Her experience spans pre-K-12 settings, across content areas, and has provided opportunities to develop systems of support to address the needs of students with disabilities and English Language Learners.

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Roles and Responsibilities: Data-Driven Decisions

During this session participants will see two exemplar artifacts related to the first key practice from Essential Action 1.1. They will have the opportunity to name how the success criteria from the key practice are evident in the artifacts. Then participants will be able to practice applying the newly learned skills by revising their own artifiacts in alignment to the success criteria.

Alyson Schafer

Alyson is the Coordinator of Instructional Leadership for Region 4 Education Service Center.  Alyson has experience as a campus administrator, instructional coach, teacher, and education specialist.  She currently coordinates Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) for Region 4, and supports the implementation of TIL statewide.

RPA – Survey Reflection Tool

In this session, participants will be guided through the rationale of the Reflective Prioritzation Activity (RPA), have a brief overview for the structure of the Effective Schools Framework (ESF), and learn how to complete their ESF Survey Reflection Tool.

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Live Q&A: April 23rd, 10am

Data Resources: The Information We Collect & Prioritize

In this 35 minute video, explore best practices in building and nurturing data culture in school systems. In this pathway, learn how to make decisions about the kind of data to collect, and how to nurture a more inclusive data culture with a more holistic view of student success.

  • 00:00 Evaluating the Student Experience (by Crystal Xu)
  • 15:04 User-Centered Data Displays (by Rani Banjarian)
  • 24:49 Do This Before Your Invest Another Dollar in Data (by Kelly Freiheit)

Shelby McIntosh

Shelby McIntosh is a Managing Partner at Education Elements. As a consultant, Shelby has helped district and school leaders across the country partner with their stakeholders to develop strategic plans, design and implement new programs, increase community trust, and retain their best teachers. As part of her work at Education Elements, she is also helping school districts develop and nurture a stronger data culture that leads to more informed and more equitable decisions about how to improve educational experiences and outcomes for all students.

Shelby has served as a classroom teacher and policy researcher. In her role at the Center on Education Policy in Washington, D.C., she published research on school reform efforts through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, accountability policies through No Child Left Behind, and state-level college and career readiness assessment policies. She also worked to improve customer service in schools at K12 Insight in her roles as Vice President of Research and Vice President of Customer Success. Shelby holds a B.S. degree in Secondary Education, a Master’s degree in Education Leadership, and a Ph.D. in Education Policy. She lives in Austin, Texas.

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